R-Solutions   Setting New Standards in the Railroad Industry

It isn't good enough to out-think the competition. You have to out-perform them, too.

Which is exactly what our approach to track maintenance helps you do.  R-Solutions positions you for efficiency by implementing a seamless, beginning-to-end solution that turns ideas into actions and actions into real-world advantages.

And because not many customers have an unlimited supply of capital, we do this in a way that virtually eliminates costly experiments.  Before you commit hard-earned funds to a source that can't reduce track maintenance costs and increase track safety, call R-Solutions.

And let someone else worry about costly track maintenance experiments.  Someone like, say, a competitor.

R-Solutions is an innovative and specialized manufacturer and distributor of single and duel component tie plugging products for wood railroad ties and sealant and repair epoxies for concrete railroad ties.  The company provides an effective method to handle wood and concrete tie deficiencies and improve track maintenance through quality product applications that will save your company money every time R-Solutions products are used.

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