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Sure Spike
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R-Solutions System 1 vs. Poly-urea


R-Solutions System 1

  • Specially formulated two-component poly-urethane with excellent memory.
  • Insensitive to moisture and can be applied in extreme heat or cold.
  • Excellent for filling all tie cavities, especially spike holes and it will not shrink after curing.
  • Designed to be flexible in its application.
  • Performs well in either production gangs with a machine/operator or with the handguns for      emergencies and with section crews to handle smaller jobs.

R-Solutions Fast Set 15

  • Two component epoxy for concrete ties abrasion repair.
  • Proven penetrating sealer with revolutionary results.
  • Effective alternative to costly concrete tie replacement and functions as a rail seat saver.
  • Provides non-sag characteristics up to ¾” thickness and it will not shrink after curing.

R-Solutions Sure Spike

  • Single component plugging compound that has superior holding power over wood plugs.
  • Economical and solid application for spike hole coverage.
  • Coats the fiber of the wood and prevent water and mildew damage.

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