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In this section we provide customers with a demonstration of our product's application, links to websites that we've found useful, and testimonials from transportation professionals who have actually used our products.

Product Demonstration

tie plugAs illustrated in the picture, Railroad Solutions' product fills the hole left behind by the tie spike, as well as filling the naturally occurring cracks in the wooden tie. Leaving the tie as strong as, if not stronger than previously.


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Customer Testimonials

"Railroad Solutions’ System 1 and Sure Spike powder are the most advanced and effective tie plugging compounds we have every used. Whether the job is big or small, these compounds hold track gauge, extent tie life and save the Wheeling and Lake Erie Railroad thousands of dollars in maintenance cost."
Larry Parson, Owner

"Railroad Solutions’ System 1 and Sure Spike powder are proven solutions. We have used these products since 2006. In the winter we were using a contactor for our rail program. We had to supply a plugger. We found it impossible to keep the compound from freezing and we would end up using wood tie plugs to get the rail in."

"Our contractor showed us another product that they had used before called Sure Spike. I phoned Railroad Solutions and placed a small order for Sure Spike and two handheld applicators. These applicators hold about a litre of compound and release enough to fill a spike hole with one squeeze using gravity. The two handheld applicators had no problem keeping up with the spike puller."

We have continued to use Sure Spike alot in the winter for rail change and guaging when working with our TFO trucks and hand hydraulic tools. We still use System 1 when replacing lags in switches, as its faster when we are doing long pieces of rail."
Richard Short

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