Sure Spike

Railroad Solutions Sure Spike is a patented single component powder based tie plugging compound. It is both economical and effective for spike hole coverage.

Sure Spike Specifications

Basic Use
Sure Spike is a spike hole plug compound. It is a powder based tie plugging compound that will dramatically reduce tie plugging cost. Sure Spike is a free flowing powder designed to be heat activated when the spike is being driven into the wood tie.

Sure Spike is recommended for rail gangs, rattle spike gangs, re-gauging work and routine maintenance.

  • Works in ALL temperatures, wet or dry
  • Reduces labor intensity; less manpower and hours
  • Environmentally safe
  • Stronger than wood plugs
  • Resealable containers
  • 500 tie holes per 40 lb. container

Composition and Material
Sure Spike is a mixture of special silicates and proprietary admixtures. Yield is approximately 500 tie holes per 40 lb. resealable plastic container. Yield will vary slightly depending on field conditions.

Applicable Standards
Sure Spike is tested in accordance with all applicable ASTM testing procedures.

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Technical Data
Sure Spike powder is a spike activated material that can be used in all temperature conditions. The intense heat of a driven spike is the activation catalyst.

Physical Properties
Sure Spike is recommended for use between -50°F and 140°F.
Tie condition: good to poor
Insertion strength: 14,000 psi
Extraction strength: 10,000 psi
Density: 106 lbs/cuft
Shelf Life: In a properly stored container is indefinite.


Always reseal opened containers. Material can be stored in any area at any temperature.

Sure Spike should be applied as follows:
1. For maximum product performance, Sure Spike should be applied directly to the wood tie.
2. Dispense Sure Spike through Railroad Solutions powder applicator into wood tie until hole is filled.
3. Clean equipment with water.

Railroad Solutions warrants that this product will be free from defects and will perform as represented in writing provided application of product is in accordance with manufactures recommendations and application recommendations. Railroad Solutions will refund the purchase price of any product proven defective, but shall in no way be liable for indirect, consequential, special or resultant damages, whether due to breach of warranty or negligence. Railroad Solutions makes no guarantee or warranty, express or implied. Including, without limitation, warranties of fitness or merchantability, with respect to this product.

Sure Spike Data and Detail Sheet

RailroadSolutions Sure Spike Detail

Independent Laboratory Testing

Railroad Solutions Powder Spike Hole Plugging Evaluation
Performed by CANAC INC.

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