Pecker Proof

Born out of necessity and countless hours of research and development, our two-component polyurethane formulas have excellent memory and density, and can be applied in virtually any weather conditions. Pecker Proof will perform well with utility pole maintenance crews and can extend the life of wood utility poles meaning less costly pole replacement.

  • Specially formulated two-component polyurethane with excellent memory.
  • Insensitive to moisture and can be applied in extreme heat or cold.
  • Excellent for filling all pole cavities, especially wood pecker holes and itwill not shrink after curing. Designed to be flexible in its application.


Pecker Proof Specifications


Basic Use
Railroad Solutions Pecker Proof is a time tested two-component polyurethane designed with excellent memory, and moisture insensitive properties. The densities of Pecker Proof will allow for better performance and versatility in harsh climate conditions. Pecker Proof is used for filling all holes in wood utility poles including wood pecker holes.

Composition and Material
Pecker Proof polyurethane is a two-component, 1:1 ratio.
Pecker Proof will not shrink after curing and provides dense wood like compound.

Pecker Proof is packaged in a 600ML hand cartridge. Each cartridge is clearly marked with the component designation. The label includes complete application instructions

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Technical Data

Pecker Proof polyurethane is a two-component polyurethane that must be mixed carefully and thoroughly. Improper or careless mixing will reduce product performance significantly. Each component should be examined for settling of contents and stirred separately. Be careful not to inadvertently mix the two components. The components are premeasured to the correct ratio and are designed to react completely. Never deviate from the specified mixing ratio.

Physical Properties
The physical properties of fully cured Railroad Solutions polyurethane include:

  • Pole condition: good to poor
  • Insertion strength: 9,000 psi
  • Extraction strength: 7,640 psi
  • Set Time: (in pole) 5 min
  • Density: 42 lbs/cuft
  • Shelf Life: Shelf life of properly stored containers is two years.

Component A - Clear
Component B - Brown
Mixed - Tan

Pot Life
200 grams 77°F
3 minutes

Set Time In Cold Weather
Material @ 110°F with a substrate and ambient temperature of 10°F.
Plugged hole 1-3 min

Material @ 90°F with a substrate 
and ambient temperature of 10°F.
Plugged hole 3-5 min

Material @ 75°F with a substrate 
and ambient temperature of 10°F.
Plugged hole 5-7 min

Material @ 60°F with a substrate 
and ambient temperature of 10°F.
Plugged hole 7-10 min

When the substrate is a normal ambient Temperature of 73°F, an increase of 50% can be expected in set times above.

Shelf Life
Component A - 2 years
Component B - 2 years

Specific Gravity
Component A - 1.25 ± .02 gr/cc

Component B - 1.28 ± .02 gr/cc
Mixed - 1.26 ± .02 gr/cc

Tack Free Time
75°F: 5 hole application, 5 minutes

Component A - 500-780 cps
Component B - 500-780 cps
Mixed - 600 cps

Weight Per Gallon
Component A - 10.4 ± .2 lbs
Component B - 8.65 ± .2 lbs
Mixed - 9.53 ± .2 lbs


Containers should be tightly closed and properly stored. Protect from temperature extremes, moisture, and water.

Preparatory Work
For maximum product performance, Pecker Proof polyurethane should be applied to a wood utility pole. Recommendations include: should be applied to properly prepared woodpecker hole.

Pecker Proof Polyurethane should be applied as follows:
1. Specifically formulated to be applied with equipment that is designed for this type of application.
2. Caution: if mixed manually, unusual applications or extreme weather conditions may require the technical assistance of a Railroad Solutions Technical Representative.

It is mandatory that the user take the following precautionary actions to protect worker and the public.
2. Avoid inhalation of vapors. Ensure adequate ventilation.
3. Avoid contact with skin. Protective clothing is recommended. Contact areas should be washed with soap and water.
4. Avoid contact with eyes. Protective goggles are recommended in case of splashing. Flush eyes with water if contact occurs.
5. Avoid ingestion of material. If ingestion occurs, contact a poison center or physician.

Railroad Solutions warrants that this product will be free from defects and will perform as represented in writing provided application of product is in accordance with manufactures recommendations and application recommendations. Railroad Solutions will refund the purchase price of any product proven defective, but shall in no way be liable for indirect, consequential, special or resultant damages, whether due to breach of warranty or negligence. Railroad Solutions makes no guarantee or warranty, express or implied. Including, without limitation, warranties of fitness or merchantability, with respect to this product.

Pecker Proof Data Sheet

PeckerProof Data Sheet TH

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